Axis Cleaning and Support Services

Our Ref: BR1/0001/TfWRS

26 June 2020

Dear colleagues

Axis Cleaning and Support Services

It has been brought to your union’s attention that Axis Cleaning and Support Services has been seeking volunteers from its wider workforce to carry out duties on its Transport for Wales Rail Services contract next week.

What your employer may not have mentioned is that it is seeking these volunteers to use as a strike-breaking army as your colleagues on the TfWRS contract will be taking strike action from next Thursday until Sunday night over a long-standing dispute over pay and conditions.

I would therefore urge all RMT members not to take part in this shameful exercise by your employer and instead show your solidarity and support for your fellow RMT members who are taking action for pay justice.

RMT asks you to only carry out your contractual duties and stick to your usual working arrangements.

Axis may entice you with extra payments or favourable treatment if you volunteer, but I am sure you and your colleagues will not be swayed and instead stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow workers taking industrial action.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary