Our Ref: B/14/2

21 December 2018

Dear colleague


A number of RMT branches have raised very serious concerns affecting our members at Stagecoach South West, including:

• Deduction of company sick pay • Disciplinary hearings taking place without investigations having taken place • Unfair dismissals • Assaults not being properly dealt with by management • Lack of toilet facilities and rest rooms • Failure by management to abide by previous agreements and failure to follow procedures and policies

The branches called for a ballot for industrial action over management’s refusal to address or resolve these matters to the satisfaction of you and your colleagues at the company.

Your National Executive Committee has endorsed this request for a ballot, the preparations of which I am currently arranging. I can also advise you that I wrote to the company declaring a dispute situation existed over these matters and a meeting has been arranged for the New Year in order to find a resolution to this dispute.

For too long now, management at Stagecoach South West have continually failed to address a whole number of concerns which your representatives have raised time and time again. If a ballot for industrial action is the only way to get this situation resolved, then you and your colleagues will send a very clear message to management that this is what you are prepared to do.

I will write to you again in the New Year with details of the avoidance of disputes meeting and arrangements for the ballot.

Yours sincerely   Mick Cash General Secretary