Our Ref: B/20/1

7 August 2018

Dear colleague


I wrote to you on 19th July 2018 outlining a number of areas of concern which had arisen for our members at the company.  The following has been discussed between your Regional Organiser, local representatives and your branch officials and proposed as a way forward to deal with these matters:

Failure to follow correct procedures This arose following a redundancy situation affecting supervisors, when the company did not consult with your union in a constructive and meaningful way. Your Regional Organiser will raise this matter with the managing director and remind the company that, in future, he should be advised in writing and provided with the necessary organisation charts, a list of jobs affected and agree a process collectively.

Breakdown in relations between local union reps and management The company has conceded that your health and safety representative will now have access to the asbestos risk assessment and all other risk assessments, as is his right. Management will also ensure a more sympathetic approach will be adopted which means that staff can effectively ensure safety concerns are raised and listened to and that the much needed improvements can be made. It was also agreed that any accidents will be reported to the health and safety representative at the earliest opportunity.

Failure to comply with local agreements Since a change in the structure with First Group in the area (when the running of Taunton depot and that of Bridgewater and Minehead outstations became First South West) disagreements have arisen over which local agreements are recognised for the depot. Local members have been trying for some time to sit down with management and come up with a solution, but they have faced delays whenever raising this matter. Your Regional Organiser will now ask for local agreements to be reviewed at the next CNC and a programme agreed on how to progress.

Failure to properly deal with instances of bullying Over the last year, victims of bullying have found themselves feeling more humiliated that they were before and so reluctant to take the grievances any further. Your Regional Organiser will now investigate this matter and report back to your branch.

Your National Executive Committee has noted these proposals which have been put forward and supported by your reps and branch officials and has asked your Regional Organiser to provide an updated report by 16th August so it can assess the progress made.

I hope this provides some clarification on how your union is dealing with the problems at the depot and how they can hopefully be quickly resolved.

Yours sincerely  


Mick Cash

General Secretary