Our Ref BR4/14/2

16th September 2021

Dear Colleagues,


Further to my letter earlier today I have just received a report from your lead officer giving the latest update. He reports that he believes AIW have engaged in meaningful discussions since receiving the letter of dispute from RMT. There have been some delays due to Summer annual leave on both sides and a meeting took place on Tuesday 14th September. The process has the added complication that TFW are involved and this is a Welsh government body.

Your lead officer believes that important progress and clarifications have been achieved in some key areas which would result in improvements to terms and conditions for AIW staff. A further meeting has been arranged for Tuesday 21st September where he expects to be in a position to formally report to our NEC with an AIW offer of dispute resolution. Two side-meetings are also being arranged prior to the 21st September meeting in order to clarify issues in relation to the Job descriptions and the Apprenticeships with our lead officer and representative in attendance.

With the above in mind, it would appear that significant progress is being made in talks although some key areas of concern remain. Your NEC will consider a report from the lead officer following the meeting on 21st September when we anticipate we will have a detailed offer of resolution.

I will keep members advised of further developments.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary