Our Ref: DLR/14/2


20 April 2018



Dear colleague




I write further to my communication to you last night (19th April) in which I informed you of the suspension of the planned strike action. As I stated in that communication, progress had been made at talks held under the auspices of conciliation service ACAS, of which I can now outline the details.


It was after 13 days of intensive talks that the RMT negotiating team was able to secure significant progress on the key issues of the threat to jobs and conditions from outsourcing and on a whole range of grievances around workplace justice. 


You may well have attended one of the meetings the negotiators held at Beckton or Poplar yesterday at which the details of the ACAS talks were explained and at which you and your colleagues accepted the offer and thus suspend the strike action. This was a view endorsed by your National Executive Committee. 


It has to be stated very clearly that it was only through the rock solid industrial action which you and your colleagues have already taken along with the determination to take further action that got the situation to this point.


The following summarises the progress made in the talks on each of the issues at the heart of this dispute:


KAD Failing to Honour Agreements

KAD will honour the 2-year PSA roster pattern

KAD to trial 3 months visibility for the PSA parameter agreement, with management and PSA reps to determine success criteria over the next two weeks.

KAD will roster PSAs for 1820 hours per annum. Staff who have worked in excess of 1820 hours in 2017 will be credited time off in lieu or the equivalent hours will be removed from their 2018 requirement, as agreed by the individual staff member.

KAD agree that rosters for other grades are negotiable and completed using the agreed Collective Bargaining Machinery.


Training needs being neglected

KAD commits to train, retrain and maintain licences for employees to undertake the role that they are currently employed to do. Any changes to be consulted.


Misuse of Attendance/Capability Issues

KAD to adhere to existing capability policy which includes wording that identifies that termination for reasons of medical capability will only be instigated following advice by GP or medical specialist.


Tax Bill to Members

KAD to offer financial assistance to anyone affected. Initially, staff to approach a member of the HR team to discuss it confidentially. Staff whose child benefit was affected and who can demonstrate a loss to have case reviewed by KAD/RMT Organiser and ACAS.


Health and Safety Issues

Outsourcing of gritting occurred prior to KAD taking over the contract. KAD to ensure that future work to be undertaken by competent people.

Agreement on use of contractors applied to all grades covered by collective bargaining. KAD commits to only utilising agency staff when all reasonable steps have been taken to exhaust internal resources for needs and requirements.

Air Quality Assessment results, Depot Assessments for hazardous substances and Risk Assessments to all be resolved via the Health and Safety Forum.


As I say above, this set of commitments from the company was enough for your representatives torecommend to your NEC that the strike action, which had been due to commence at 04.00 hours this morning, should be suspended and this as you know was endorsed by the NEC. However, your union does remain in dispute with the company.


You and your colleagues, along with your representatives and RMT officials will remain vigilant that the progress made on these issues is carried out and that a climate of good industrial relations is reached at this company.


In the meantime, I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues for a great show of union strength during this time and for supporting your union’s position throughout.


I will of course keep you advised of any further developments which arise on these matters in future.



Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary