Bullying & Harassment, Trent and Derby S&T – Network Rail

Our Ref: BR4/4/8

7 November 2019

Dear colleague

Bullying & Harassment, Trent and Derby S&T – Network Rail

You and your colleagues delivered a magnificent result in the ballot that was undertaken to stamp out bullying and harassment suffered by our Trent and Derby S&T members for far too long. This result showed that RMT members have had enough of the situation.

As you may know, the individual who was central to this dispute as a result of a whole host of concerns being raised by RMT members was subject to an internal investigation carried out by a senior national HR official and the Head of Maintenance Delivery from another route.

Network Rail produced a report of the investigation and outlined a number of steps it intended to take in order to resolve the matter, including, as I understand most members know, seconding the manager in question to another position for a period of 6-12 months. The company also outlined a number of points as to how this period would also be used to strengthen the manager’s “people management skills.”

This was then discussed by your representatives who noted that concerns remained because key points had been missed or unaddressed. For this reason, the recommendation to your union’s National Executive Committee was that this report and communication from the company did not resolve the matter as there were a number of serious issues remaining and that it seemed that the over-riding priority for Network Rail was to protect the manager and his welfare rather than addressing the mistreatment and serious stress and anger that had been caused by this individual.

Therefore, pending further discussions between your representatives and management, I have advised Network Rail that we remain in dispute. We now await progress in those discussions and I hope I can advise you of a positive outcome in due course.

I will write to you again when further developments arise, but may I take this opportunity to thank you for supporting your union throughout this process.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary