Our Ref: BR4/4/8


17 March 2020



Dear colleague




You will know of the ongoing dispute involving the bullying and harassment emanating from management of Trent S&T.


As I stated in my communication to you of 3rd January 2020, Network Rail had committed to reopening its review of the case following continuing concerns of you and your colleagues, along with your representatives, that its attempts at resolving the dispute up to then contained far too many shortcomings and seemed to be an exercise at saving face rather than address the fundamental problems which led to this dispute.


You may have already received a letter from the company with regards to the outcome of this review, which sets out a number of steps the company are now taking to fully address all issues at the heart of this dispute. This review highlights what Network Rail has accepted is “inadequacies of management” and it has taken responsibility for that. Network Rail has also said that it will be implementing all of the recommendations set out by this review to establish a work environment free from bullying and harassment and allow you and your colleagues to focus on your work.


This matter has now been considered by your National Executive Committee, which has noted the situation and believes that the matter has reached a satisfactory conclusion. The NEC and I would therefore like to thank you and your colleagues for showing such determination to seek justice in this dispute. Without this determination Network Rail would have continued to ignore the bullying and harassment of our members. You and your colleagues have shown that unacceptable management behaviour which created an unhealthy working relationship cannot be left unchallenged.


Management have accepted their shortcomings over this situation and have stated that lessons have been learned. Hopefully this will make for a better working relationship for you and your colleagues.


I would just like to thank you again for showing patience throughout this dispute and for your continued support for your union’s position during this process.



Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary