Our Ref BR4/9/13

5th August 2020

Dear Colleagues


Your Relief Regional Organiser has reported on a matter that has arisen at Three Bridges Depot concerning the Employee Reward Scheme that Siemens have encouraged staff to participate in. It would appear that the management administration of the scheme resulted in a substantially higher rate of reward allocation than at other locations and the company is investigating the matter. Following their initial findings a number of local managers have been dismissed.

Some staff have been advised at team briefings that the company would be seeking to recoup the costs associated with the mismanagement of the scheme from staff following individual consultations and ask for repayment plans to be signed. Members should have now received guidance should they be ask to such a meeting.

This raises a number of serious issues. Staff were not aware that their reward allocation was the result of a management over calculation. The rewards were issued as vouchers and not as cash payment yet management are seeking cash repayment of the costs. We also understand that the repayment calculation is based on an average cost and is not specific to individuals. In at least one case the company have sought to recover £350 in a single payment. These issues can not be ignored by the company and an urgent meeting has been requested by your Relief Regional Organiser to seek a reasonable solution.

The National Executive Committee has considered the report from your Relief Regional Organiser on the matter and noted that RMT members have been sent the appropriate guidance in advance of any invitation to an individual meeting concerning the scheme. The NEC has requested that Legal advice is obtained and this is currently being sought. The NEC will be updated on further developments in this matter.

I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will inform you of any further developments on this issue as they arise.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary