Our Ref BR4/9/13

12th August 2020

Dear Colleagues


I am writing further to my previous letter of 5th August 2020 regarding the above matter. The company have refused our request to meet and discuss a reasonable settlement and have indicated that they will continue to pursue their current approach of individual meetings and seeking signed repayment plans.

Please refer to the guidance that has been provided by your Relief Regional Organiser should you be invited to an individual meeting to discuss the over-allocation of rewards as a result of the company’s management of the scheme.

A meeting has taken place for members affected together with your union’s Representatives to consider the range of industrial responses available given the on-going situation. A further Legal opinion has been requested and is in the process of being provided for our consideration.

The National Executive Committee has considered the matter, following a report from your Relief Regional Organiser. As per the NEC instruction’s I have written to the company and requested an urgent meeting to discuss achieving a working relationship with them. I have also written to GTR expressing our displeasure with one of their major contractors and requesting their contribution to achieving healthy industrial relations within their supply chain.

This isn’t a matter that is going to resolve itself and it is considerably frustrating and disappointing that the company have declined to engage with us on it. The more members we have at Three Bridges Depot, the more pressure we can bring to bear on the company. I would encourage you to raise the current situation with colleagues and ask them to join RMT so that we are better organised and stronger, for now and the future.

I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will inform you of the further developments on this issue.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary