Christmas & New Year Leave & Payment Arrangements – 2016/17 Great Western Railway

30th November 2016
Our Ref: BR2/7/2

Dear Colleague,

Christmas & New Year Leave & Payment Arrangements – 2016/17 Great Western Railway

Further to my email dated 25th November 2016, I have received a report from the Lead Officer which also enclosed an improved offer from the Company which I set out in full below:-

“At the Company Council meeting on 15 September 2016 the Company outlined the payment arrangements for Christmas 2016 as follows:

•    Designated substitute bank holiday arrangements for 25 December are covered in existing terms and conditions, and where applicable these arrangements will apply on 27th December 2016. Similarly, for those grades where 1 January is a bank holiday under their terms and conditions the substitute arrangements will be applied on 2 January 2017, and for all other grades normal working arrangements apply.

Having considered further the pay arrangements for 1 January 2017 the Company have decided to make an offer to pay all grades ½ time extra on current Sunday rates for all turns worked commencing on Sunday 1 January 2017 e.g. Sunday @ 1¼ (125%) will be paid at 1¾ (175%). For those grades that have Sunday inside the guaranteed week the ½ time extra enhancement will be paid on rostered and overtime turns of duty commencing on Sunday 1 January 2017. Please note that the additional enhanced hourly rate only applies to turns commencing on 1 January 2017, normal working arrangements or substitute bank holiday arrangements (where applicable) apply on 2 January 2017 as outlined above.

You will note that these arrangements mirror what was previously agreed for Sunday 1 January 2012.

In order to proceed with this arrangement, I will require confirmation of acceptance from all Trade Unions and look forward to your response by 6th December 2016”

The National Executive Committee has considered the improved offer from the company together with the report from the Lead Officer and has instructed me to inform GWR of our acceptance. They have stated, however, that should any improvements be offered to any of our sister unions then we reserve the right to re-negotiate.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary