To All Northern Trains Ltd Revenue Officer & Conductor RMT Members

Our Ref: BR2/1/6

17th September 2020

Dear Colleague


I have received a resolution from our Manchester South Branch with regards to the above matter, which is as follows:

“Manchester South Branch notes the hard work of the Lead Officer in the creation of the new Revenue Officer role on Northern, however we are also aware of talks for the Conductor grade to receive some sort of payment for every e-ticket that is scanned. Revenue Officers will be scanning tickets on-board Northern services in the exact same fashion as the Conductor grade. We believe there has been no such talk of inclusion of the Revenue Officer grade in these discussions and that it is in no way infeasible to demand equal treatment for the Revenue Officer grade where they undertake the same work, as an all grades union we must strive to ensure some form of equality between grades. With this in mind, we resolve the following:

Discussions between the RMT and Northern of some form of payment per e-ticket scanned for Conductors should also include the Revenue Officer grade and that the Lead Officer should be instructed to include the members of this grade in these negotiations.”

The matter has been subject to recent consideration by the union’s National Executive Committee who has instructed me to arrange a meeting with the company over this issue and that Conductors and Revenue Officers should both be included in commission talks.

I trust this keeps you fully advised on the matter.

Best wishes.

Mick Cash
General Secretary