Our Ref: BR2/14/2


2nd October 2020


Dear Colleague,




Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your patience in waiting for this result. Unfortunately, due to the current global pandemic the results were unable to be counted and verified. However, we have now been able to have the votes counted and are able to share the referendum result.


The referendum of you and your colleagues has now closed and the result is as follows:


Are you prepared to accept the company’s offer?


Votes Cast:            255

Voting ‘Yes’:          43

Voting ‘No’:           212

Spoilt Papers:          0


The National Executive Committee has considered this matter and commends you and your colleagues for your patience in awaiting the outcome of the referendum. Taking into consideration the above result, I have been instructed to inform the company that we reject their offer. I will now be contacting the company to seek an urgent meeting to renegotiate the company proposals and to seek considerable improvements to the offer.


I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will update you on any further developments when they arise.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary