Our BR6/14/2

30th September 2021


Dear Colleagues,


Your union has been in discussions with Network Rail over the forthcoming COP 26 Conference in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November 2021. This international conference will have major effect on the transport system due to increased footfall and special arrangements will be put in place to cope with this. We met with Network Rail earlier in the year where they tabled proposals for an hourly premium for those whose normal duties are increased or altered as a result of COP26. It also outlined proposals for the handling of disputes during this period including a no strike clause that would be in effect during the conference. This was rejected by your union’s National Executive Committee and further talks were requested.

Following further meetings with the company new proposals have been tabled which substantially alter the references to industrial action and give clarification on expenses in particular that stations members at Glasgow Central and Edinburgh Waverley would be entitled to them. Having considered the company’s proposals was well as the views of your lead officers and representatives the National Executive Committee has accepted the company’s offer. The main details of the agreement are as follows: -

Between 28th October and 14th November 2021, the Company will refrain from taking action to dismiss employees under its disciplinary procedure and if necessary, shall suspend employees on rostered earnings until 14th November 2021 when normal disciplinary proceedings will continue.
Local disputes relating to COP26 from 28th October 2021 will be stayed until after 14 November 2021, after which our normal processes will resume.
We recognise it is management’s right to manage and the trade union’s right to withdraw their member’s labour as a general principle.
Trade unions and management will abide by all agreements and the Trade Unions refrain from calling industrial action, relating to COP 26 in Scotland until such time our processes as set out in the general grades procedure agreement are resumed and exhausted.

Recognition for additional responsibilities


A flat hourly premium payment payable only for shifts worked during the COP 26 period, namely 28th October and 14th November 2021.
Payable only to staff who are working in teams with additional responsibilities where the workload or cover requirements have resulted in working pattern alteration beyond what is normally required, or additional team numbers added.
Payable to all staff in the team on the same roster (i.e. those transferred into the team and those who normally work in the team). All affected teams to be defined no later than 6th September 2021 (this is a high-level agreement and affected teams will be identified by each function, based on their deployment plans and locations. Regular discussion with Joint Working Party (JWP) will continue to keep up to date with progress).
Payment will be in addition to any existing contractual arrangements.
Payable only on days when altered working arrangements are increased.
A COP26 premium payment of £4.35 per hour for staff whose duties are affected beyond the normal requirements of their job under the terms outlined above.
In addition, a £5.75 per day meal allowance will be paid for staff whose duties are affected beyond the normal requirements of their job under the terms outlined above.
Premium payment and meal allowance are both subject to tax and national insurance deductions.

COP 26 working group - Terms of Reference

The parties agree to participate in a working group in order to:

Explain to the trade unions Network Rail's COP 26 delivery plans. Make arrangements for the Trade Unions to review and contribute to the risk assessment and a Health and Safety plans associated with COP 26 delivery.
Discuss the arrangements for the deployment of staff internally to support COP 26 delivery and the use of any staff who may be recruited specifically to support COP 26 delivery.
We envisage the group to be constituted of nominated Health and Safety and other representatives from locations most affected by COP 26

A copy of the full agreement as well as a detailed Q&A document can be found below:

COP 26 Agreement
Q&A Document link

I trust this keeps you informed.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary