Our Ref: SH/14/5
18th October 2019

Dear Colleagues


Further to previous correspondence, I can report that your Lead Officer met with Stena Line on 14th October 2019 to discuss the company’s proposal to phase out 86 UK Ratings positions on the Britannica. At the meeting Stena advised that they wished to phase out these positions through natural wastage and voluntary redundancy scheme. It is their intention to replace the UK seafarers with a multi-national crew. Your union objected to these proposals in the strongest possible terms and advised Stena Line that the status quo should prevail. It was that at this point that the company stated they had a verbal agreement with your union to pursue this course of action.

This is utter nonsense. It is true that as part of the current crewing model agreement on the Britannica it was decided to review the crewing levels at a later date. However, your union has never consented to any programme to replace UK Ratings with low cost foreign labour and has always made it clear to management that this union opposes social dumping and the proliferation of low cost labour models at Stena Line.

I have advised the company that this union fully intends to be involved in every discussion on this matter and will continue to oppose such measures on your behalf. I am sure you will appreciate the complexities of this issue and would ask you to be as patient as possible. A further meeting to discuss this matter has been scheduled for 2nd December 2019 and I will keep you advised of all developments following the conclusion of this meeting. Please be assured that the RMT is 100% supportive of its members and protecting the employment of all those concerned.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary