Our Ref: BR2/15/4

3rd May 2019

Dear Colleague,


As you are aware, in September 2018 a consultation was opened on Arriva Rail London’s proposals to close ticket offices at stations across much of the Overground Network.

I am pleased to announce that the union has secured a major victory in its ongoing campaign to staff our stations and retain ticket offices. The union received confirmation from the Mayor of London that 47 of the 51 ticket offices previously proposed for closure on London Overground will be retained following pressure from the union, members and its supporters.

There is no doubt that this has been achieved by the mobilisation of the union and our members standing firm against Arriva Rail London. The union received over 6,500 responses which came from a range of organisations and individuals with the vast bulk opposing Arriva Rail London’s plans to close ticket offices. Our members have once again demonstrated what standing together can achieve and it is thanks to their tremendous support and dedication that we have achieved this phenomenal victory.

The National Executive Committee has considered this matter and has congratulated our representatives, who have continued to fight against Arriva Rail London’s reckless plans. This campaign has ensured a safe and secure railway for the General Public and our members, whilst also safeguarding you and your colleague’s jobs.

However, the union will continue to remain vigilant to this issue and any backtracking will result in a new campaign and continued pressure from the RMT, our members and our supporters. The union will continue to put pressure on any company that proposes a reduction in staff and our national campaign to staff our stations and retain ticket offices will continue.

Yours sincerely  


Mick Cash

General Secretary