Dismissal, A Jones, Llandudno – Network Rail

Our Ref: BR4/4/1

12 October 2018

Dear colleague

Dismissal, A Jones, Llandudno – Network Rail

You will probably be aware that your colleague Andrew Jones has been dismissed over allegations that he went track side when he was Sentinel restricted due to a medical condition.

Apart from the fact that Andrew had a 28 years unblemished record with the company and that management had known about his medical condition from the day he entered railway service, there has been numerous discrepancies in his case.

First thing to consider is the fact that the Sentinel restriction placed a Provision, Criterion or Practice on Andrew without even considering any reasonable adjustments which could be made to allow him to carry out his duties safely.

Another matter is the fact that the company’s own Fair Culture policy dictates that, when situations such as the incident involving Andrew occur, then a safety investigation has to take place prior to any disciplinary process being commenced. This obviously didn’t happen in Andrew’s case and is a major concern.

It is very clear that a proper investigation has not been carried out and Network Rail has not followed its own procedures, while the officer investigating the potential disciplinary against Andrew was not authorised to carry out the task. In fact, the hearing officer at Andrew’s disciplinary even admitted that the company had made numerous faults in the process, but still he dismissed your colleague.

I am sure you will agree that this is a completely unacceptable situation and that Andrew has been treated very unfairly by Network Rail.

The RMT Holyhead Branch has submitted a resolution about Andrew’s case to the National Executive Committee asking for action to be taken in his defence. The NEC has supported this resolution and instructed me to seek a meeting at the highest level at which Andrew’s case can be discussed and reviewed. I have therefore written to a senior official of Network Rail asking for such a meeting and hopefully this will take place as soon as possible and justice for Andrew can be achieved. We will not only be highlighting the 28 years’ service by such a well-regarded and professional railway worker, but also be pointing out the serious flaws in the disciplinary process which resulted in Andrew’s dismissal.

I am sure that you and your colleagues are keen to show your support to Andrew Jones in whatever way you can, so please be assured that your union is fighting to achieve justice for him.

I will write to you again in due course when further developments arise from the meeting with Network Rail.

Yours sincerely  

Mick Cash

General Secretary