Our Ref: BR2/4/1

6th November 2018

Dear Colleague,


You will have seen correspondence from Great Western Railway on the dismissal of our Brother Ben Frederick. The abhorrent disregard for the safety of their staff is unacceptable and to dismiss someone who was being verbally, physically and racially abused is despicable. As you will see, the letter from the company has been written by the Director of customer services and transformation, raising serious concerns over the impartiality of any director’s review. The company’s actions send completely the wrong message and their lack of support for staff safety is disgraceful. Great Western Railway is essentially asking you and your colleagues to be punching bags to any abuse you receive from passengers.

Therefore, the industrial ballot of all our Paddington Train Driver and Train Manager members will go-ahead as planned. I have informed the company of our intention to ballot and provided them with the legally required timelines.

The Ballot for industrial action to defend our colleague will commence on Tuesday 13th November 2018 and you will need to ensure you return your voting paper by no later than first post, on Tuesday 27th November 2018. To ensure a swift ballot and to have a chance to vote, I urge you all to ensure your membership details are correct. If your job title, address or workplace has recently changed, please contact the RMT Freephone Helpline number on 0800 376 3706, the RMT switchboard on 0207 387 4771 and ask to speak to the Industrial Relations Department or e-mail info@rmt.org.uk. Additionally, if you know a colleague who has moved or changed jobs inform them to contact one of the above numbers where we will be able to amend their details accordingly.

I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will inform you of any further developments on this issue when they arise.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary