Our Ref: LUL/15/4

24 October 2019

Dear colleague


You may be aware that your representatives attended what they had been led to believe was an ad-hoc meeting of the Service Control Functional Council last month to discuss a proposal to “add value” to the Duty Reliability Role. At a previous meeting of the Functional Council earlier this year, it was suggested that a “mere tweak” would be made to the DRM role with “no impact upon headcount.”

However, your representatives were met with a presentation of what was in effect a new Transformation initiative which involved a headcount reduction (from the current 104 to 80), a change to terms and conditions to introduce cross line working, “flexible” rosters, station staff training requirements and to bypass existing line managers to be deployed at the will of the LUCC during peak times.

Your representatives were quite rightly angered by what they saw as an ambush by management who gave no prior indication that these proposals were going to be tabled – in fact, as stated above, management had given assurances that no impact would be made on headcount and that only minor adjustments or refinements would be made to your role. Far from it, this can only be seen as a very disingenuous and quite dishonest attempt by management to push through their plans on the sly.

I understand that a meeting of members and your representatives has already been held and that the message coming over loud and clear is that you and your colleagues will not accept this attack on your role or on your terms and conditions.

Your Regional Organiser has already written to London Underground management to oppose these proposals and has demanded an immediate halt to this DRM review until formal negotiations take place. Additionally, the Regional Organiser has stated quite clearly that a failure to halt this process will lead to a dispute situation around the following issues:

• Failure to follow agreed machinery for transformation
• Over 20% reduction in DRM jobs
• Breach of trust that there will be no headcount reduction
• Failure to provide necessary health and safety risk assessments
• Changes to DRM terms and conditions

Your union’s National Executive Committee has considered the abve and has stated that this union will not tolerate this breach of trust. It has, therefore, instructed me to arrange an urgent meeting of your representatives, national officers, the Regional Organiser and members of the NEC to discuss this matter.

I am currently making the necessary arrangements for such a meeting and I will keep you advised of all developments. In the meantime, be assured that your union, through your representatives and negotiators and with your support, will do everything possible to fight off this underhand attack on your role and your terms and conditions.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary