Your union has been made aware that accommodation and welfare facilities at the Edinburgh depot are not fit for purpose.

Your RMT representatives have spent significant time in trying to resolve the issues on welfare, water supplies and air conditioning during what has been the hottest summer on record. Despite promises and more promises the company has failed to satisfactorily rectify our concerns.

RMT continue to have serious and significant concerns over the quality and standard of accommodation that is afforded to our ISS members working out of Edinburgh. Despite all attempts locally to get the Health and Safety matters addressed and dealt with by the employer, the company have shown scant regard to our member’s representations, and the conditions in which they are taking meal and rest breaks is not acceptable.

In regards to the continued failures by the employer to provide adequate accommodation for our members at Edinburgh, this has been placed in-front of your National Executive Committee who agreed the following;

We note the report on file from the Lead Officer with regards to the on-going situation with ISS accommodation at Edinburgh and that this matter has not been rectified to our satisfaction. We therefore instruct the General Secretary to inform the company that we are in dispute and to ballot all our affected ISS members at Edinburgh for strike action and action short of strike at the earliest opportunity.

We ask all ISS members to ensure that their own details logged with RMT are correct, especially your address, your grade, job title and your location of work. For corrections please call the regional office in Scotland for ISS workers on 0141 332 1117. Further we ask each and every one of you who receives a ballot paper, to make sure you vote in the ballot and support RMT your union in assisting you.