Our Ref: HSR/1/2

9 October 2019


Dear colleague


I previously issued you instructions to take industrial action in the form of reducing speed at a number of locations with the expectation that this would mitigate the creation of excessive noise, which was, as you know, a major cause of concern for you and your colleagues. This action was due to commence from 00.01 hours tomorrow morning (Thursday 10th October 2019).

I can now advise you that your representatives have been in intensive discussions with management over this matter and, today, have reported significant progress. In effect, the talks have confirmed new mitigation against this noise as follows:

• In the long-term, Pandrol Vanguard will be removed

• In the medium-term enhanced rail grinding is increased, this brings down noise, and monitored by our HS reps in a preventative manner with an agreed formula and level of noise

• In the short-term temporary speed restrictions have been agreed in multiple key locations

• Train Operators facing health concerns around this matter will be supported

• It's worth noting that LUL agree with our position on this matter and have made available £10m to spend on this remedial action.

The above can only be seen as a major achievement reached by your representatives, but we shall of course remain vigilant to ensure these steps are taken and that the noise is cut.

Your National Executive Committee has considered this matter and noted the tremendous achievement reached in this dispute and has therefore suspended all industrial action that was planned in this dispute. You should therefore work as normal taking into account the above points.

The NEC and myself would also commend you and your colleagues, your representatives, branches and Regional Organiser for winning the above remedial actions from the company. We should all be clear that, without the determination of you and your colleagues to take industrial action, this agreement would not have happened.

Finally, this dispute remains on as we shall continue to monitor the situation and ensure this matter does not reoccur.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary