Our Ref: BR1/13/1

8 January 2020

Dear colleague


You will know that your union has been in an ongoing dispute with Transport for Wales over a number of areas of major concern surrounding the change of franchise holder and what its future plans were for our members in the Fleet Depots.

As previously reported, an agreement had already been secured to retain all fleet grades within the Train Operating Company and not be transferred out to CAF or Stadler when those companies take over the management of the fleet depots. It was confirmed by Transport for Wales Rail Services (TfW RS) that staff would remain public sector employees and retain all their terms and conditions of employment under what is known as the Retained Employment Model (REM).

A collective agreement was also reached with regards to the use of contractors in fleet which will reassure members that contractors are only to be used by agreement and this will continue to be monitored by the Company Council.

Your negotiators have also achieved a meaningful and significant commitment to negotiate harmonisation and consolidation of allowances with particular emphasis on the Machynleth depot. These discussions will commence as soon as the 2019 pay deal is concluded.

These matters have reached this stage as a result of the huge mandate you gave for industrial action in the ballot which was held last year and because of the strike action which was planned in June 2019, which didn’t take place in the end. RMT was the only union that called strike action and, as your union represents over 90% of fleet workers across Canton, Machynleth and Holyhead depots, this convinced the company to resolve these matters.

This progress and agreements have resulted in your negotiators recommending that this dispute be deemed successful and concluded and that your Regional Organiser and representatives will keep members advised of all developments, particularly on the harmonisation talks and on achieving agreement on the REM model by 1st July 2020.

Your National Executive Committee has therefore considered the matter and endorsed the recommendation that the dispute be ended and I have written to the company along those lines.

As I say above, we have reached this stage as a result of the determination of you and your colleagues to defend your terms and conditions and see a just and fair outcome to this dispute. You and your colleagues must be congratulated for achieving this result.

Thank you for supporting your union throughout this dispute.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary