Our Ref: BR1/13/1


5 September 2019



Dear colleague




Further discussions have taken place with Transport for Wales Rail Services (TfW RS) since I last wrote to you on 25th July 2019 with regards to this long-standing dispute.


As I have previously informed you, TfW RS has confirmed that all existing staff will retain their employment status with TfW RS as well as those who will replace employees who leave subsequently and this has been reiterated by the company earlier this week. However, what has not been confirmed to date is that of the status of staff who are recruited for additional posts which have been created at the current depots or those who will be based at the new depot at Taffs Well.


Additionally, your union will be aiming to ensure that all staff within the Fleet grades – to include cleaners and shunting staff – will all be directly employed by TfW RS in the future and thus prevent a two-tier workforce being created either within depots or between depots.


This will be a major point of discussions when I, along with your Regional Organiser, meet the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford on 12th September. And while progress has been made on the matters which were originally subject of this dispute, we shall nevertheless be seeking progress on these at this meeting also. These matters to include:


The company to propose a collective agreement with your union on any current and future use of contractors in Fleet depots. We have proposed that a model which RMT agreed with Eurostar some time ago be used as the basis for this agreement. This states that contractors are only to be utilised in line with the principles of this agreement and following agreement within the collective bargaining machinery on each occasion.


The company must also respond to the dispute issue of Harmonisation of all Fleet Grades, which includes the matter of “bolt-on payments” at all applicable depots, and a 35-hour week. It has now been made clear that these matters will not be progressed through the 2019 pay talks so a clear and credible road map to resolve these matters has to be forthcoming.


Following the meeting with the First Minister, I will be arranging a meeting between your depot representatives, Regional Organiser, the National Executive Committee and national officers in which all developments will be discussed along with any potential action going forward.


I will of course keep you fully updated on this matter.



Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary