Full-Time Train Operator Positions, Contracted Hours and Overtime Rate – Night Tube Drivers – London Underground

Our Ref: LUL/14/2

4th April 2017

Dear Colleague,

Full-Time Train Operator Positions, Contracted Hours and Overtime Rate – Night Tube Drivers – London Underground


Further to previous correspondence regarding this dispute, a series of meetings have taken place with the Company and having considered LUL’s proposal along with the views of your Lead Officer and Reps, the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to resolve this dispute. The strike action due to take place from Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th and Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th April is therefore cancelled and all members should book on and work as normal.

The outcome of the talks is a position where TO23 Drivers are now covered by the same agreements as TO21 Drivers and the agreement reached is as follows:-

•    All Drivers are told that they will remain in their first location for 18 months, but this can be reduced to 12 months if their nominated depot has no waiting list. This applies to TO23s and TO21s. The 12 month cap also applies to a TO21s own depot.

•    TO23s Drivers will be allowed to move to a new location only if there is a replacement TO23 Driver trained and ready to backfill their position. (This already applies to TO21s who can only transfer to a new depot if there is a replacement or if their original depot is already above minimum numbers). LUL has confirmed that training will start for new TO23 Drivers at the rate of 16 per period “until all required moves have been made”.

•    To ensure no other grade is disadvantaged, in future, date of application will determine who is first called to fill a TO21 position. Operational resourcing will maintain an accurate list.

With regard to overtime pay, the Company was not prepared to alter the existing policy for all part-time employees that overtime is paid at flat rate up to the standard full-time working week of 35 hours. RMT still regard it as a point of principle that Drivers, as the only operational grade that cannot do voluntary overtime, should get paid the overtime rate for all time worked in excess of their contractual hours. This point could therefore be included in the next pay submission to LUL.

The Company been advised accordingly and members are once again congratulated for their support and solidarity during this dispute.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary