Our Ref: LUL/14/3

1 May 2020

Dear colleague


ABM has written to RMT stating that it is putting a number of staff on to the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme as a result of the closure or reduced services at a number of Transport for London head offices.

As is usual with ABM, it provided very little detail of what the arrangements would be, but of course after pressing the company for information it said it would be offering the minimum requirements in term of pay and any member of staff being put on the scheme will only receive 80% of their salary. This means that ABM will not be contributing any money to their own staff’s salary during the period of this scheme as they can recoup this whole amount from the government.

The company has also said that Redeployment could be offered but as this would be offering full-time roles to current part-time workers this isn’t a viable option for many.

Your union’s National Executive Committee has noted ABM’s move with disdain as it once again shows that you and your colleagues are being treated as second class workers while TfL and LUL staff receive full pay while they are on the Furlough Scheme.

Your Regional Organiser and representatives will continue to press both ABM as your direct employer and TfL as the contract provider to treat you and your colleagues the same as directly employed TfL staff.

Your union is doing all it can to ensure that the rights of members such as you and your colleagues at ABM are respected and that employers should not be using a health crisis as a cynical opportunity to cut costs at our members’ expense.

I will keep you advised of all further developments in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary