Our Ref: B/14/3

14 April 2020

Dear Colleague
As you are aware, TM Travel is placing staff into the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Unfortunately, unlike many other employers your union negotiates with, TM Travel has flatly refused to consult your union’s full-time officer on this matter, despite it being normal widespread practice and normal industrial relations throughout the country. Instead, TM travel has stated that the recognition agreement we have doesn’t stipulate that this is necessary.

Despite the robust efforts of your Regional Organiser to properly represent you and your colleagues, TM Travel management have gone ahead with its unilateral plans to furlough staff. Additionally, they have done so using only the minimum requirements of the government scheme, that is only paying you 80% of your monthly salary (up to a maximum of £2500 a month), the entirety of which the company gets back from government.

Your union’s position is that, if the company is not willing to fund your salary at all, then it should at least be basing your compensation payments on your average pay, to reflect the irregular earnings you receive. With that in mind, I have attached a pro-forma for you to submit to the company along with the form it asked you to complete on 27th March 2020. Of course, if you have already submitted that form, then we’d suggest you still fill in the pro-forma in order that some attempt is made to protect your earnings during this time.

Your union shares what is no doubt the great disappointment of you and your colleagues over TM Travel’s stance during what is already a worrying time for workers. To add to that worry says something about the company’s regards for its employees’ welfare.

Please be assured that your union remains committed to fighting for our members’ rights during this health crises and we shall continue to do so well after we have overcome this crisis.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary