Our Ref: BR4/14/3

8 April 2020

Dear colleague


It has come to your union’s attention that Unipart Rail intends to place members of staff on the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme on the most basic provisions contained in that scheme.

It is concerning enough for RMT members to be facing such a situation but it is more so when the company is imposing these changes unilaterally without providing any input from your union on the arrangements, payments, selections or anything else with regards to this matter. Further, it seems to be the company’s stance that it will only provide the details of the arrangements to RMT when the final position has been reached and you and your colleagues have given management your response to the variation of your terms and conditions that is being sought. This is a wholly unacceptable situation.

Your National Executive Committee has considered the matter and instructed me to write to the company in the strongest possible terms and reminding Unipart that, while we are all experiencing a quite unprecedented and difficult set of circumstances at the moment, this should not deter employers from going through the normal collective bargaining arrangements and negotiating with your representatives and full-time officers.

I have therefore written to the company today requesting that it halts this process and enters proper consultation and negotiation with your union.

I will of course keep you informed of all further developments in this matter

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary