Our Ref: B/14/3

9 April 2020

To: All Stagecoach Bus RMT Members

Dear colleague


I am writing to provide you with an update since I wrote to you on 31st March with regards to Stagecoach Bus introducing its plans to put staff onto the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Stagecoach has now issued a briefing document that sets out its formal position with this regard and a copy is attached.

You and your colleagues at Stagecoach will know that it is a federal company with various bus entities (plus bus brands within those entities) each with a responsible Managing Director.  So collective bargaining sits in each of those entity bargaining units.
Stagecoach consults RMT nationally on some issues of principle and occasionally we can make national arrangements alongside other unions to be implemented in the bargaining units.
So the arrangements set out in the attached document here are argued through and discussed by your Reps and Officers in each of the bargaining units.  Each of these has its own business imperatives and services, revenues and profit/loss accounts as well as separate pay rates, terms & conditions, working arrangements and rostering set-ups.
Therefore the outcomes in this furlough period will be varied (even sometimes within companies and across depots) and I am not able to report on every position reached so far. 

The furlough process commenced on Monday 30th March but there is no doubt it will evolve and more members will be furloughed as the services are further cut back.
Your representatives have been working hard to get the best arrangements they can for you and your colleagues.
You know what sort of employer Stagecoach is and you will therefore not be shocked that it is only paying the minimum and that which is funded by the government - it will do no more than the law requires it to in order to protect its own corporate and financial interests.

Your National Executive Committee has considered the above matters and noted the company’s position.

As I stated to you previously, the company’s position is not an agreement with your union and nor is it a joint communication. It is the company’s position which your union has merely noted.

Once again, please accept my personal thanks and that of the union in general for the part you are playing during this health crisis.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary