7th April 2020

Dear Colleague,


As you are aware, the union has been in discussion with the Elior Managing Director over the current global Covid-19 crisis and the impact it is having on you and your colleagues. We have been advised that all Elior staff on the South Western Railway Contract had been offered the opportunity to take alternative employment at Met Police in Hambledon, and at the Portsmouth Naval Base, in which some members took up the offer and have now been re-deployed into these industries.

Members that have not taken the opportunity to be re-deployed into another industry should now have been furloughed. Members should have received full pay up until the end of March. However, as of April, furloughed staff will be placed on and paid the government furlough agreement of 80%. We have requested that South Western Railway pay the additional 20% of wages to ensure you and your colleagues continue to receive 100% of your wages. However, we have yet to hear from SWR on whether they will commit to our request.

The union has also been in discussions with Elior over payments in relation to self isolation and shielding. The company has confirmed that all members who have been employed for the company for more than 2 years will receive their contractual sick pay. However, those with less than 2 years service will receive SSP.

We continue to remain in discussion with Elior and their Managing Director, with the union raising a number of questions to ensure our members are protected. We will be receiving further information on furlough and the impact on you and your colleagues as matters progress and will continue to keep you advised once we have more information.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary