To All Freightliner Heavy Haul RMT Members

Our Ref: BR3/14/3

28th July 2020

Dear Colleague


Further to my letter dated the 12th June 2020 with regards to Freightliner Heavy Haul’s proposals to extend their Furlough arrangements until the 31st July 2020. I can now advise you that I have received an update report from the Lead Officer indicating that the company is extending their Furlough arrangements until the 31st August 2020.

As you may recall, the original Furlough arrangements for our Freightliner Heavy Haul members were signed off on the 17th April 2020 and are in line with the Union’s policy on Furlough arrangements set by the National Executive Committee.

Therefore, the matter has again been considered by the union’s National Executive Committee who note the report from our Lead Officer and that the company have proposed to extend the Furlough agreement with a couple of amendments. In addition to the terms of the agreement of April 2020, the option to utilize a more flexible approach to Furlough is to be implemented from the 1st August 2020 to 31st August 2020:

Employees previously Furloughed can now be re-furloughed. The minimum Furlough period will now be one week;
Furlough on a part time basis can be utilized where operational needs would support this, such as for phased return from Shielding.
The Executive Committee also note that our Business Council Representatives and Lead Officer are in agreement with the proposals and as the proposals continue to be in line with our aspirations around Furlough arrangements, I have been instructed to inform Freightliner Heavy Haul of our acceptance of the extended arrangements.

I trust this keeps you fully advised on the matter.

Best wishes.

Mick Cash
General Secretary