27th April 2020
Our Ref: SH/14/3

Dear Colleagues


Your union has been informed of the new process for the appointing to RFA ships. This process will include the use of emails. There is no mandated requirement to provide an email address, but the following information explains why, for the health and safety of all RFA employees, it would be beneficial to provide one.

The process will involve Appointers contacting joiners by telephone with a health and wellbeing 7questionnaire within 7 days of a start date. Then, 48 hours before the appointment joiners will be contacted by email to ensure that the questions have been answered and that there are no reasons as to why individuals cannot join a ship. The aim of this process is to ensure that everyone has thought about their health and those that they live with, in order to help to protect the health and safety of everyone in the RFA. The email response to this questionnaire may be forwarded, in confidence, to the ship’s Med Tech to aid the joining process.

As appointments may occur at short notice it is necessary to email the questionnaire to people to achieve the timeframe. It should also be noted that during these unprecedented times Appointers are mainly working at home via email and only attending the office to access phones on a very limited basis. Therefore, to ensure that the latest information can be cascaded, and that you can receive the pre-joining questionnaire, it is in the interests of everyone that all RFA employees have an email address updated on Magellan. An email was sent to all private email addresses on Thursday 16 April 2020 subject ‘Commodore RFA Coronavirus Update 4 to RFA Families and Friends’. If this was not received then your email details are not held.

If for some reason an email address cannot be provided, you will need to make your appointer aware of this situation so that they can put in place measures to enable you to provide the information that will help to protect your RFA colleagues.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary