Our Ref SH/14/3
24th April 2020
Dear Colleagues
Further to my previous updates I can now update further as outlined below.
Your Lead Officer Gordon Martin and Full Time Coordinator Brian Reynolds participated in a conference call with the Managing Director and other senior managers on Friday 24th April 2020 along with Representatives from the other trades union at Calmac. It was reported that the service is still running at around 5% of the normal volume for passengers and cars and around 40% freight.
The company also informed the trades union that future planning is being modelled in conjunction with Transport Scotland with four or five different scenarios being discussed for an eventual increase in the service. The RMT outlined our position that before any attempt to ramp up the service full discussions are held with your representatives and this commitment was given by the Managing Director.
The company also commented on their intention to furlough some staff while assurances were requested and given that staff will continue to receive 100% of their basic pay and that full employer pension contributions will continue to be made. Management will be in touch with individual staff regarding a potential furlough situation in due course and have advised the unions that correspondence will be sent to staff from Friday 24thApril by email. 
Calmac management also advised your union representatives that a comprehensive health and well-being programme is being worked on and the details of this will be available soon. Your union representatives on the conference call made enquiries in relation to temporary staff that have been laid off due to the impact of COVID 19 being reengaged by the company and furloughed. Management gave a commitment to look into this matter. With reference to apprentices management confirmed they would be furloughed although may be asked to participate in training while furloughed.
The company informed the unions that they are pushing very hard for Calmac staff to be included in any testing schemes for coronavirus launched by the Scottish Government and we await developments on this important matter. 
Additionally, your union Representatives raised an issue concerning port workers facing difficulties with passengers sailing from Rothesay with regards to is the travel essential. Management stated that the company have no authority to intervene in this matter if the passengers claim it is essential travel for food or other goods.
A further conference call with management will take place in the next few weeks and I will update you further then.
In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact your local representatives, coordinator Brian Reynolds on 07880 758640 or by emailing Brian Reynolds at or contact Lead Officer Gordon Martin at or by calling 07884 655217. The Glasgow Office can also assist and members can call on 0141 332 1117 between 09.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday 
Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary