Our Ref: BR1/5/6

31st March 2020

Dear Colleague,


During the initial outbreak and following the spread of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, I have been in constant dialogue with the operations director of Mitie Transport-Security. The impact of the coronavirus has had a huge effect on you and your colleagues working for Mite at St Pancras International Station on the Eurostar Security Contract. The union has been raising this issue with the operations director and have been seeking assurances over continuing employment on the contract
As you will be aware, last week Eurostar slashed the number of services they were running to Paris and Brussels. The number of service that they are now running is just one return service to Paris and one return service to Brussels.  I can understand the frustration you and your colleagues must be feeling with all this uncertainty. It is particularly frustrating when there is no advice being provided by Mitie, with none of the options being arranged for you during this unprecedented time, particularly the lack of information concerning Furlough.

However, you union is working tirelessly to ensure we get the answers we need and to ensure you and your colleagues are protected during this difficult time. To try and address our concerns the union has also been in direct contact, at senior level, with Eurostar International Ltd to urge them to provide clarity on their requirements. We have asked Eurostar for this information urgently, so that we can protect all members’ incomes either through deployment on the contract or via the Government Furlough earnings protection scheme.
The most recent advice we have received from the Operations Director of Mitie, is that the company were going to be in further discussions with Eurostar today. Once these discussions have taken place and further direction has been received at senior level within Mitie, the Operations Director would be contacting management at St Pancras as well as communicating with members.
As mentioned, the union is monitoring this situation closely and once the RMT has been advised of any decision, we will communicate with you all as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary