Our Ref: HC/8/2

28th February 2017

Dear Colleague


Further to my letter dated the 10th February 2017 with regards to the above matter and where I informed you that despite the efforts of your union representatives to prepare acceptable catering links, management made alterations to the proposed links without the knowledge of your reps and on the 12th February 2017 the company imposed rosters.

I can now advise you that a further meeting was held with your Local and Senior Union Representatives and management to discuss the fail to agree issues and concerns in the current links and I have received an update report from the Lead Officer. The matter has been subject to recent consideration by your union’s National Executive Committee who notes the report on file from the Lead Officer and the outstanding failure to agree items from the On Train Divisional Council contained within.

Additionally, your National Executive Committee notes that a meeting has taken place between the Lead Officer and Paddington Catering LDC on 15th February 2017 where it was agreed that the roster implemented on the 12th February 2017 would remain in use, management and Paddington Catering LDC would work to ensure longer turn lengths from the May timetable change in order to increase rest days. Finally, the National Executive Committee notes the joint communication from Paddington Catering LDC and Paddington Depot Catering management to this effect.

A further meeting was held on the 21st February 2017 to work to incorporate more rest days into the roster until the May timetable changes and once I have received an update report on the situation I will place the matter back before the union’s National Executive Committee for further consideration.

In the meantime, I am exploring the possibility of developing a links training programme for GWR reps that will include the opportunity for local reps to meet with GWR roster planners and I will, of course, keep you fully advised on any further developments.

Best wishes.
Mick Cash
General Secretary