Our Ref: BR4/8/2

3 December 2019

Dear colleague


You will no doubt be aware that management attempted to implement a shift pattern for engineering staff at Doncaster that would be based on 75% nights and 25% days, which was obviously not acceptable to you and your colleagues. At the time, the message was very clear from RMT members at the depot that such proposals had not been properly discussed and that you wanted to resist such plans.

This issue was immediately raised formally with the company by your union and I asked for a deferral of the implementation to allow discussions to take place in the agreed Employee Forum with the assistance of a full-time RMT official. This was originally declined by the company as management stated that their plans were the only viable option for the operation of the depot and that it had always been their intention of introducing such a roster pattern and staff had been fully aware of this.

This matter was therefore considered urgently by your union’s National Executive Committee, which declared an immediate dispute situation and called for an Avoidance of Dispute meeting with management. The company were also advised that a ballot of RMT would commence without a resolution to this dispute.

A meeting was then arranged between your union and the company at which management indicated that they would revert to the 50/50 night/day shift roster pattern. This was conditional on a three-month review taking place, which our negotiators expected in the circumstances.

Your representatives will remain vigilant on this matter and we shall now wait on the review taking place, which will be in January.

I hope you agree that RMT acted quickly in dealing with this matter when it first arose and I am glad to report that a satisfactory outcome, for now, has been achieved.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary