Our Ref: HC/14/2

18th October 2016

Dear Colleague


I write with regards to the above matter and to inform you that the RMT has received a response from GWR in relation to the following:

•             No extension of DOO.
•             Confirmation of current and planned establishment numbers.
•             No compulsory Redundancies.
•             Full PT&R arrangements for all grades affected.
•             Full Buffet provision on all IEP and AT300 trains.

I can now advise you that the matter has been subject to recent consideration by your union’s National Executive Committee who note the letter from Great Western Railway and are particularly concerned by the company’s response to the provision of Buffet Services. Additionally, I have received the following resolution from our Plymouth No 1 Branch:

“That this Plymouth No. 1 Branch is appalled by the latest decision made by GWR on their position not to include Buffet cars on all the new IEP rolling stock. This clearly is a backward step in terms of passenger service and the safety of catering staff. Branch believes that a buffet car should be available on all services and we instruct the NEC to ensure that a high profile media campaign is immediately started to highlight this downgrading of service to the passengers. We further instruct the NEC to convene a meeting with the DfT to discuss this issue.

Branch is alarmed that although written assurances have been made with regards to the role of the Guard and Platform Despatch, there has been no progress in terms of reaching an agreement on door operation and station dispatch. We instruct the NEC to take this matter up urgently and to advise the members of all proposed meetings and outcomes. Branch notes that although the 10 point plan for our Engineering Grade members has been mutually agreed, many of the points have not been carried out by the company so our members are becoming increasingly worried about their future within GWR.

Branch requests that the General Secretary meets with the Managing Director of GWR to advise him of our members’ anger at the Company’s proposals. Branch further requests that the NEC investigate the legal procedure for the potential of a new ballot for industrial action should none of these demands are met.”

Your union’s National Executive Committee notes the resolution from our Plymouth No 1 Branch and all other IEP Branch resolutions received to date. Therefore, I have called an urgent meeting with our GWR Second Stage representatives, Senior AGS, Lead Officer and members of the NEC to discuss the company’s proposals, all IEP Branch resolutions and all issues related to the IEP. The meeting will be held at RMT Head Office on Tuesday 25th October 2016 at 14.00 hours in Room One and I will provide a further update on the situation following conclusion of the meeting.

Best wishes.
Mick Cash
General Secretary