Our Ref B/15/10

12th August 2020

Dear Colleagues


Southern Vectis’ school contract for the Isle of Wight Council ceased at the end of the school year (July) and the work was re-tendered as eight separate contracts where there had previously been one. Southern Vectis submitted tender proposals for all eight contracts but at the beginning of July there was no certainty that these would be awarded to them and the work retained by the company.

Given the uncertain situation your Regional Organiser arranged to meet with the company immediately following the tender award date, together with your Representatives. Legal advice was also sought in advance of the meeting to ensure that should some or all of the work be awarded to a different operator your union would be fully informed and able to defend members during any resulting TUPE or Redundancy process.

Your Regional Organiser has since reported that all eight of the contracts were awarded to Southern Vectis, meaning that the schools contract work in its entirety has been retained by the company. The company has also informed your union that they are keen not to make any redundancies. In addition to this the Isle of Wight Council has requested further buses to be supplied to enable social distancing on the contracted services. This has meant that all staff working on the previous Isle of Wight Council school contract have been retained and will continue to work on the eight new school contracts.

Further to this, the company have indicated that they may need extra drivers on the schools contracts owing to the social distancing restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 crisis. The nature of these roles will be pursued by your Representatives through the company machinery.

Your National Executive Committee has considered the report from your Regional Organiser and has placed on record their thanks to the Regional Organiser and Representatives for their work during this time. The outcome of matter has been noted and with the schools contracts all having been retained by the company and the risk of any redundancy abated I have been instructed to close the file on the matter.

I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will inform you of any further developments should they arise.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary