Our Ref: LUL/14/2

14 January 2020

Dear colleague


You may know that our Cleaning Grade members at ABM delivered an overwhelming result in favour of taking industrial action in the ballot held in November 2019. Unfortunately, despite a 98% YES vote in this ballot, the requirement of the Government’s anti-union laws which demand a 50% turnout of all those entitled to vote fell short by just 11 votes.

Following the ballot closing, the union’s London Transport Regional Council passed a resolution stating that it was still a clear moral victory for our Cleaning Grade members at ABM and resolved to “defend all of our Cleaning members from any and all reprisals from ABM management including up to industrial and legal action as a result of the recent industrial ballot.”

This resolution has been considered by your National Executive Committee which has committed your union to defend, progress and win justice for our AMB Tube Cleaners “using all means organisational, industrial, political, financial, propaganda and media.”

Discussions will now be held to devise a strategy to take this campaign forward and I will of course keep members advised of all further developments in this campaign.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary