Labour’s policies for Maritime & Offshore workers

26th November 2019

To: RMT members in the Maritime & Offshore sectors

Dear Colleague

Labour’s policies for Maritime & Offshore workers

The Tories are working hand in hand with the bosses to undermine jobs and conditions.

Labour will introduce policies that will benefit Maritime and Offshore workers, including

• Compulsory collective bargaining across the Maritime and Offshore sectors to increase wages and reduce insecurity
• Ending nationality pay discrimination, allowing for the protection and expansion of UK jobs
• Banning zero-hour contracts
• Improving health and safety legislation
• More time off work, with four new Bank Holidays
• Enforcing working time directives and regulations
• Repeal anti-trade union legislation meaning better wages and conditions
• Full employment rights from day one.

That’s why your union believes it is clearly in the interests of RMT members for Labour to maximise its vote, for the Tories to be defeated and for there to be a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary