Our Ref BR3/14/3
22nd November 2018


Dear Colleagues


I write to advise you that discussions have taken place with Freightliner to clarify the LGV Agreement over hours, overtime and breaks. Following the meeting, the company have written to your union confirming their position on these issues which are outlined below.

• Any Overtime over 48 hours per week for LGV Drivers will remain on a purely voluntary basis. The minimum daily duty shall be 10 hours 6 minutes with 30 minutes break deducted on a daily basis, or 50.5 hours duty per week inclusive of breaks.

They also state that business demands require flexibility in overtime working. For a driver willing to work additional hours overtime in excess of the daily minimum, the company will introduce an availability schedule to support planning functions at a local level.

The company believe some aspects of the agreement “seem at odds with the commercial opportunities that Road Services continues to pursue.” They further state that “these opportunities are not reliant on traditional methods of “transhipment” between road and rail mostly carried out at inland terminals, and instead require us to consider providing a greater degree of flexibility in matching schedules to customer demand.”

As a result Freightliner are going to go review the LGV Driver agreement in relation to the long term needs of the business and will come back to the union with formal proposals for discussion. The National Executive Committee has considered this response and instructed me to write to you and your colleagues to update you on the latest situation.

I will keep you advised of developments.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary