Our Ref: RT/15/5

7 March 2017

Dear colleague


You may know that your union, through local branch officials, have been making representation to Port Talbot Council over the proposed location of a temporary rank while the Wind Street rank is unavailable.

You and your colleagues have made it absolutely clear to the council that its interim plan does not provide a safe and commercially viable rank for the town centre. Your union shares your view, therefore, that this is clearly an issue which needs to be resolved with urgency. You will be imminently forced to move from Wind Street, but our members have already rejected the suggestion by the council to use Orchard Street. Drivers believe it is unsafe, something which the council accepted after a petition was submitted.

Your local RMT branch launched a joint PR campaign with Assembly Member Bethan Jenkins urging Port Talbot Council to work with taxi drivers as a matter of urgency before the town centre development means the loss of taxi ranks, thus providing no business for you and your colleagues and leaving the public with no taxi provisions.

This matter has been carefully considered by your union’s National Executive Committee, which has instructed me to issue a press release on the campaign, which I have already done. The message has gone over clearly to the council that it has to listen to the concerns of drivers and the public and to carefully consider the preferred suggestions for an alternative rank when the matter is next considered by the cabinet. The council must find a solution before you and your colleagues lose your base and the public lose an essential town centre service.

Your local union officials will continue to press the council for a solution based on the above and I hope it can be resolved to the satisfaction of our members as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary