London North Eastern Railway (formerly Virgin Trains East Coast)

Dear Colleague,


Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2017/18/19

 London North Eastern Railway (formerly Virgin Trains East Coast)


With reference to the above, on-going claims are not affected by the following decision and it will be up to individuals to pursue claims or not.


The Lead Officer has been in discussions with the company and the proposals are:-

  •That all the grades affected by the 2017/2018 pay deal will be bought on to the same rate of pay for their particular grade and any member who has not had the 2017/2018 percentage increases will receive this by 28th December 2018.

  •In addition, any back pay owed, including overtime arrears, will also be paid to these members by 28th December 2018 and there is a commitment from the company to settle 2019 pay as close to the April anniversary date as possible.


This has been considered by your National Executive Committee (NEC) who have carefully considered the offer and it has instructed that the offer is accepted without the need for a referendum as it will bring all members back onto a level playing field and on the same rates of pay.


Discussions for your 2019 pay claim are currently taking place and I will keep you up dated of all further developments.



Yours sincerely




Mick Cash

General Secretary