Our Ref: BR2/0005

24th September 2018

Dear Colleague


Following on from the union’s acceptance of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, I now write to advise you on the latest developments in relation to the above matter. A series of additional meetings have been held with MTR Crossrail and your Senior Union Representatives and I have received an update report from the Lead Officer, together with a proposed Functional Council Agreement.

The proposal forms an amendment to the Collective Bargaining Agreement as in the original document there were no clear definitions of the structure or role of the Functional Council. The proposal provides the following additional improvements:

• Nine RMT nominated Functional Council Representatives (three Reps from each function: Revenue, Customer Experience (Ticket Office) and Customer Experience (Platform/Gateline).
• One Representative per function for each section of the Network: East, Central and West (nine in total).
• Commitment to the paid release of all Functional Council Representatives for a staff side meeting prior to each full Functional Council meeting.
• Clarification that our sister union TSSA will have recognition within Ticket Office grades only.

The matter has been subject to recent consideration by the union’s National Executive Committee who notes the report from the Lead Officer and the associated proposed MTR Crossrail Functional Council Agreement contained therein. Therefore, I have been instructed to inform the company of our acceptance of the proposal.

I trust this keeps you fully advised on the situation.

Best wishes.

Mick Cash
General Secretary