8April 2020


Dear colleague


RMT - Working for you

I am writing to update Mitie members on recent developments and the efforts RMT has been making on behalf of Mitie members through Network Rail, Mitie and even via our RMT group of Labour MPs.

Due to RMT pressure we now have:

  • Real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour on the Network Rail Managed Stations Contract
  • Real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour on the Network Rail Estates Contract
  • Real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour on the Network Rail Security Contract
  • Secured from 25th March, funded Network Rail, that sick pay at a rate of 20 days full pay per year will be provided. At this time Network Rail are saying this is a temporary measure during the health emergency, but RMT will push to make this a permanent benefit and improve it.

We have had to push hard to make these gains for our members – Mitie will give nothing away voluntarily. We even had to arrange meetings with Members of Parliament to ensure Network Rail provided the funds to pass these gains on via Mitie.  We also had to go directly to senior Network Rail Directors to achieve these benefits.

Mitie then claim it is they who have been working with Network Rail on these issues when that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Only RMT is standing up for Mitie workers and we will continue fighting on your behalf.

RMT has also set out an agenda for further improvements to terms and conditions for Mitie workers on Network Rail contracts - recently submitting a pay claim where we have recognition but making it clear it’s an aspiration for ALL our members.

Membership and Recognition

What we really need to keep the momentum going and to get further improvements to your pay, terms & conditions and to improve the way you are treated is a full membership across the Mitie NR contracts so that we can get meaningful collective bargaining and negotiate good agreements.

RMT currently has recognition agreements with Mitie on their Network Rail managed stations cleaning contract at: 

  • Glasgow Central & Edinburgh Waverley,
  • Manchester Piccadilly
  • Liverpool Lime Street
  • Leeds City

We won these recognition agreements because workers at those locations joined in sufficient numbers that it was clear we had over 50% of the employees - not because Mitie really wanted us to get recognition - they couldn’t stop it.

We are still just short of the figure at Birmingham New Street... but we’re getting there.

It’s the weight of numbers in RMT membership, acting as an organised work force, with elected Reps and Health & Safety Reps, supported by their RMT branch, RMT officers, and the whole union that will make the difference to what you are paid, your conditions and how you are treated.

Coronavirus Health Emergency
Mitie staff are key workers at Network Rail and vital to creating the environment that workers and passengers can be safe in.  But those Mitie staff need to be protected too.

During the current coronavirus crisis we have been in regular contact with the company over things like PPE (personal protective equipment) and a proper sick pay provision (including the improvements in pay arrangements for people self-isolating under government guidance).

We will continue to press Mitie and Network Rail on all issues so that Mitie staff are treated equally with other Network Rail workers and are given all the protections they need during this health emergency.

I would urge all of our existing members to encourage your co-workers to join RMT to build our collective strength and to build our campaign for a better deal for Mitie workers.

If you’re not yet a member of the RMT there’s never been a better time to JOIN!


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary