Our Ref: BR1/9/11


15th July 2019


Dear Colleague,




As you are aware, the union has been pursing ISS on their disastrous and dangerous changes to the way they pay your wages. Whilst the company has continued with their destructive proposals, the union sought legal advice which has now been received on this issue.


The National Executive Committee has considered all options available and has decided on our next course of action to address ISS’s disgraceful refusal to stop the implementation of their proposals. There is no doubt members have suffered considerably, both, financially and emotionally and we cannot allow this to go unchallenged. These changes have had a serious impact on you and your colleagues. Therefore, the union is recommending we pursue this matter.


To briefly summarise, our legal team have stated that they believe we may have a case to go to Employment Tribunals on the grounds that the Company have unlawfully deducted wages from your pay.


Your National Executive Committee (NEC) has considered the advice and has instructed me to write to you and your colleagues to advise you to urgently lodge an ET. This can be done by completing an L2 form which can be obtained from your local RMT Regional Office, where the staff will assist you in completing this form. Please complete the L2 and return it to your Regional Office. The deadlines are incredibly tight and you will need to have your L2 returned by no later than Wednesday 31st July 2019. Please also try and include a copy of the relevant pay slips (around the 9th May) where your wages have not been paid correctly.


The easiest and way to obtain an L2 is to an download a copy at and then find your nearest regional office please follow this link:-


Additionally, the Regional Office contact numbers are as follows (please ring the one appropriate to your region/company):-


Aberdeen:-                                                   01224 21011

Liverpool Regional Office:-                     0151 236 3912

South East Regional Office:-                   020 7529 8860 or 020 7529 8853

South Shields:-                                           0191 456 1308




Our legal representatives will be submitting a multiple ACAS Early Conciliation application on your behalf, subject to receiving your completed L2. Therefore please do not submit your own individual ACAS Early Conciliation application and advise the legal representatives in your L2 (with accompanying documentary evidence) if you have already done so.




The advice below is to address and clarify a number of questions that are likely to be raised regarding the potential claim against ISS.


Individual Grievance


Despite it being likely that ACAS will advise that an individual grievance should be submitted, I can assure you that this is not the case. If advised to do so please state that this is part of a multiple claim. There is no requirement to lodge a Grievance.


RMT L2 Form – Application for Legal Assistance


Once you have obtained an L2 form from your regional office or online please complete this and return it to the same regional office as soon as possible. You do not need to go into a great deal of detail as we have the requisite information. Please state that the claim relates to ‘PAY CYCLE REVIEW, ‘PROJECT GREENFIELD’ - ISS.


Date of Commencement of Claim


As the unlawful deduction appears to have occurred from 09th May 2019, the time limit of 3 months less a day to lodge a claim with ACAS would be on the 8th August 2019, however, to be included in the collective claim you will need to return your L2 by the 31st July.


Because of data protection issues and the requirement to have individual’s authority every member who wishes to be included in the claim must submit an L2.


Please give this matter your immediate attention if you wish to be included in the claim.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary