Our Ref BR1/9/11


30th April 2019




Dear Colleagues




Further to my letter of 10th April 2019 we wrote to you concerning the changes ISS has made to its payroll system which will affect the pay cycle in all its companies across Europe. You will be fully aware that the result of this is that your pay dates are changing. We know this will cause significant hardship on you and your colleagues who are already on low pay and will find it very difficult to cope with any delay to receiving wages.


We met with the company about their plans but it appeared they had little or no care or understanding at the impact this would have on staff. We demanded proper protections are put in place to ensure you suffered no hardship so we tried to get them to delay implementation, also that they make any loan payable back only when leaving the company. This was refused.


ISS have offered a hardship loan which would be paid back over 12 months by 31st March 2020 or a Bridging loan paid back within four months. Many members would have found the bridging loan very difficult to pay over such a short period so went for the hardship Loan as it is paid back over a longer period. ISS have stated that the payment would be made within 5 days from the day the application was received centrally. They also said they would pay back any bank charges so long as they were the result of the pay date change.


Please note:


You can no longer apply for the Bridging Loan but the Hardship Loan remains available until 9th May 2019 when the new pay cycle comes in. We strongly recommend members apply for this Hardship Loan.


Your loan payment will be not be listed on your payslip. It will be listed as a separate item on your bank statement. This is to stop you paying tax and national insurance on it.  


Some members have advised us they have not received the loan payments when they had expected. Local management appears to be the biggest cause of this problem. We have had complaints that they have failed to give members adequate help and support to complete loan applications and have failed to properly communicate what is going on. This is simply not good enough and local managers needed to do a lot more to support their staff. Many of you will be understandably very worried at how this will impact on your ability to pay your bills in the coming weeks.


As previously advised we have declared to the company we are in dispute with them and we are continuing to prepare for a ballot for industrial action. We are also seeking legal advice and have contacted the other trade unions to build a joint approach.


ISS have shown a complete lack of concern and care over the impact their proposals would have on you and we will not stand by and allow this to continue. We continue to raise our concerns with ISS at the highest level to try to minimise any hardship you may have to endure.


I will keep you fully informed of developments.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary