Rail For London RMT Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

Rail For London RMT Meeting

LU Engineering Branch is hosting a Zoom meeting at 6pm on Wednesday 5th May 2021 for all members in Rail For London.

RMT members are reporting that they are in a hard-pressed situation daily at work with management around employment and safety issues; and are falling between two stalls regarding their RMT membership - with PROSPECT and TSSA having agreed recognition deals with the company without consulting RMT or its members and before most people were employed.

This means deals and arrangements through these organisations are imposed on RMT members which is causing anger amongst the membership

With that in mind the RMT LU Engineering Branch is hosting this meeting to discuss the assistance and service we can provide for our members in the company.

The Zoom meeting will address:
The relationship with PROSPECT and TSSA organisations
RMT winning recognition on Rail for London
RMT support and representation in the meantime

It is important that we have good representation at the meeting from officers of all regions and as many branches affected. Please invite other people as appropriate.

The link for the Zoom meeting is below, and we hope you can attend on the day to address this most urgent situation with the RMT members; to reach a workable solution that enables our members to stay in their union of choice; RMT the union that fights for its members!
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Meeting ID: 810 2388 1708
Passcode: 488213

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary