Rate of Pay & Conditions of Service 2017 – Virgin Trains East Coast

To RMT Virgin East Coast Members


Dear Colleague,

Rate of Pay & Conditions of Service 2017 – Virgin Trains East Coast

You may have by now have received a communication dated 6th April from Claire Ansley, Customer Experience Director and John Doughty, Engineering Director. Whilst it is a rather long missive I am not quite sure what it is trying to achieve!

Members are well aware that VTEC management tried to bulldoze the pay settlement and bypass the agreed machinery. This is the first company of this size to do so and they hoped that you and your colleagues would just roll over and accept the position.

I am not going to go through this email from VTEC point by point as they are just rehashing most of the arguments they have already made but I will answer two of the points they make.

“After a year of negotiations, numerous concessions by Virgin Trains East Coast in an attempt to reach a deal, and a failed attempt by the RMT to persuade its members to carry out industrial action, it’s disappointing the RMT continues to work against us when we have reached a deal with Unite and TSSA.”

We are not working against VTEC we are working for you, our members. You have told us in no uncertain terms that you want us to continue to pursue legal proceedings (Employment Tribunal Claims) against the company over their imposition of the pay award and disregard of the long standing agreed machinery of negotiation.

“We appreciate for those of you who haven’t been paid this may be unwelcome news and not what you wanted to hear. It’s really frustrating for us, and we don’t know why the RMT has taken this position.”

The reason we have taken this position is because you asked us to. We would not be in this position if the company had not taken its aggressive stance by imposing the pay when negotiations were clearly not at an end.

The legal proceedings are progressing and I will keep you informed of the progress as soon as there is anything to report.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary