Rate of Pay and Conditions of Service - Royal Fleet Auxiliary

To All RMT Royal Fleet Auxiliary Members

Our Ref: SH/0001
1st February 2020


Dear Colleague,

Rate of Pay and Conditions of Service - Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Further to Thursday’s correspondence, I can advise you that late yesterday evening I received a written offer from the Commodore and the offer is as follows:-


The offer which is effective from the 1 July 2019 is for a one year pay award representing an overall uplift of 3.6% on the RFA pay bill broken down as follows:

An uplift of 2% of all pay band points.
The introduction of an enduring non-consolidated Shared Bonus Scheme, which has an additional individual value to those who qualify for the payment, of between 1.12% and 2.97% of salary for 2019/20, depending on grade, band and certification.
Further details of the scheme are attached.

The current Special Bonus Scheme will cease with the introduction of the Shared Bonus Scheme the details of which are below.


The Shared Bonus Award
Navy Command has established a non-consolidated pot of 1.6% of the RFA pay bill, which will be paid to employees. The bonus will be paid at three levels, subject to the RFA’s corporate objectives being achieved.

RFA Objectives 2019/20

The 2019/20 bonus will be paid on the achievement of the following objectives:

RFA meeting the Fleet Operation Schedule.
Providing an RFA vessel to support Defence Task 1.
Documents of Compliance being successfully renewed (without which the RFA cannot operate).
The programme of ceremonial engagements being met.
RFA Budgetary Control Totals being met.

The size of the payment will be proportionate to the number of Objectives achieved by the RFA. For example, if only three of the five objectives are achieved, only 60% of the bonus ‘pot’ will be paid.


Individuals will be eligible for a bonus payment if:

The RFA achieves its agreed corporate objectives.
The employee has completed at least 183 days service during the qualifying period (1 April – 31 March) while maintaining a satisfactory level of work performance.
The employee has completed at least 183 days employment (new recruits).
The employee has not been subject to Restoring Efficiency action in the preceding twelve months.
The employee has been appointable for at least 183 days (sickness/absence will be deducted from the qualifying period).
The employee is employed by the RFA on 1 March.

The eligibility criteria will be reviewed annually and adjusted to reflect business requirements. For the 2019/20 period the three levels of award, reflecting business outputs and to address Certification issues would be:

Level 1 – Class 1 tickets (£1,500 for 2019/20)
Level 2 – All other contracted employees (£820 for 2019/20)
Level 3 – Trainees (£300 for 2019/20)


The intention will be to pay the bonus on an annual basis (in March each year), subject to the achievement of the RFA objectives and meeting the eligibility criteria.”

I am making urgent arrangements to meet with your representatives and following this the matter will be given further consideration by you National Executive Committee. I will, of course keep you advised of developments.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary