Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2016 – DHL (Virgin West Coast Contract)

Our Ref: HC/0001/DHL(VWC)

8th December 2016

Dear Colleague,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2016 – DHL (Virgin West Coast Contract)

Referring to our previous correspondence where I informed you of the ballot result and that you and your colleagues voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking industrial action. I write to you again to advise you that the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to instruct all affected members NOT TO BOOK ON  for any shifts that commence between:-

•    22:00 hours on Tuesday 13th December 2016 and 21:59 on Thursday 15th December 2016.

•    22:00 hours on Tuesday 20th December 2016 and 21:59 hours on Thursday 22nd December 2016.

For clarification purposes you will be on strike during the following shifts:-

Early Shift:

Complete your early turn on 13th December 2016 DO NOT BOOK ON for an early shift on Wednesday 14th December and Thursday 15th December. You will resume work on your early shift on Friday 16th Dcember & Friday 23rd December 2016

Late Shift:

Those of you starting work at 14:00 on Tuesday 13th December & Tuesday 20th December 2016 MUST complete their shift. However on Wednesday 14th December & Thursday 15th December; Wednesday 21st December 2016 & Thursday 22nd December 2016, you will NOT book on as the strike action will have started the previous day. You will resume work Friday 16th December & Friday 23rd December 2016

Night Shift:

Do not book on for your night shifts beginning at 22:00 & 23:00 on Tuesday 13th Dcember & Tuesday 20th December 2016. You will resume your work on your night shift at 22:00 & 23:00 on Thursday 15th December & Thursday 22nd December as the strike action finishes at 21:59 on both of these dates

Now is the time to stand together with your colleagues. A show of strength will show management that your patience is at an end and that you are not prepared to tolerate their devious tactics any longer in offering a fair pay offer and real improvements to your working conditions.


As always, we remain available for further discussions and I will of course keep you advised of all further developments.

Yours sincerely


Mick Cash
General Secretary