Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2018 – MacGregors

Our Ref: BR2/0001/MCG
1st November 2018

Dear Colleague,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2018 – MacGregors


Referring to my previous correspondence dated 24th October 2018, I reiterate that due to the balloting regulations in the 2016 Trade Union Act, the RMT has to conduct another ballot to get a fresh mandate from you and your colleagues in this dispute.

To continue your fight for a decent pay rise, you must take part in this new ballot and it is vital that everyone who is entitled to a ballot paper uses their vote for strike action and action short of a strike so that the thresholds are met and the dispute can carry on.

Therefore, on Wednesday 31st October 2018 the independent scrutineer will send a ballot paper to your home address and the ballot will close on Tuesday 13th November 2018.

Additionally, I would like to remind you that your National Executive Committee (NEC) has instructed you to take industrial action by not booking on for any shifts that commence between:-

• 00:01 hours and 23:59 hours on Friday 9th November 2018
• 00:01 hours and 23:59 hours on Monday 12th November 2018

• Also, with effect from 00:01 hours on Saturday 10th November 2018 until 23:59 hours on Sunday 11th November 2018 members are instructed not to work any overtime.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary